I started campaigning to be your judge in District 10F in June 2019.  I was the best candidate then, and I am still the best candidate.  I was endorsed by Republicans, Democrats, Independents, a former Democratic NC Court of Appeals judge, a victim advocate, other state employees, the News and Observer, the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys, and the Muslim American Public Affairs Council. I received this broad support because I am experienced in the law, I am dedicated to the service of my community, and I will be fair to everyone that comes into my courtroom.

My election did not end on November 3, 2020.  In December, the Wake County Board of Elections disqualified my opponent, Tim Gunther and the North Carolina State Board of elections decided that the proper remedy in the face of Gunther’s disqualification was for  Governor Cooper to appoint a judge for District 10F in the seat I ran for in November 2020.

Today I, along with two other voters in 10F, filed a lawsuit in North Carolina Federal District Court requesting that the Court uphold our constitutional right to a fair election.  The decision by the State Board of Elections to defer to Governor Cooper for appointment in this seat, which was supposed to be determined by the election process, denied the voters in my community a constitutionally fair election to choose their judge and denied me constitutional due process as a candidate.

In addition, on January 1, 2021, pursuant to the State Board of Elections decision, the Wake County Bar alerted members of the legal community that it would receive names to be submitted to Governor Cooper for his consideration.  In North Carolina, prior to judicial appointments in District Court, members of the legal profession submit their names to the local Bar who in turn submit the top five names to Governor Cooper for his consideration.  Should more than five attorneys submit their names, the attorneys in Wake County will vote on what names will be submitted.  Otherwise, all names will be submitted.  Governor Cooper does not have to select any of the individuals submitted through this process.  Though I am seeking legal remedy in court, I have also submitted my name to the Bar for this process. 

There is no other judicial candidate in District 10F that can say that they ran an election all the way to November 3, 2020, to be your judge except me.  There is no other candidate who can say they were endorsed by a broad cross-section of people and groups except me.  I still want to serve my community as your next District Court Judge.


I'm Beth Tanner and I'm seeking to be your District Court Judge for District F


As a lawyer for more than a decade, I have practiced in general civil law, family law, constitutional law, and criminal law.


I have been a public servant since 2014 working on behalf of the State of North Carolina. I currently serve as the Associate Director of the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission, a state agency charged with ensuring the innocent as well as the guilty receive justice.


In my current role as Associate Director, much like a judge, I am responsible for the neutral review of claims of innocence in a fair, impartial, and efficient manner.

It is necessary for judges to be experienced in the law, dedicated to the service of their community, and fair to the people who come before them.  That is my proven record.

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Beth Tanner is seeking to be District Court Judge in Judicial District 10F, located in Wake County, North Carolina.  Use the embedded map to see if you live in Judicial District 10F (Highlighted in yellow). Otherwise, visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections website to check your voter registration.

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George solomon Endorses Beth Tanner for Judge

Former Director of Prisons
North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Tammera Hill Endorses Beth Tanner for Judge

Recent Endorsements

"I have known Beth Tanner for 3 years and I worked closely with her on a variety of healthcare policy and practice matters. She is quick as a whip when it comes to her ability to pinpoint pivotal issues underlying a given challenge or argument, but takes the time to actively listen to others before drawing firm conclusions.  I have benefitted from her wealth of knowledge, sound reasoning ability, and ready willingness to approach issues with fairness and sensitivity.  She is a natural and trustworthy leader who energizes others by her sense of humor and passion for her work, all the while maintaining focus on the “big picture.”  I am absolutely thrilled that she has entered the race for this judgeship position!  I’m also certain anyone who truly knows her shares my elation."


Dr. Karen Steinour
Former Colleague & Fellow Public Servant.

"I have known Beth for seven years beginning when I partnered with her to address her daughter's needs as an early intervention specialist. Beth engages and communicates effectively to collaborate with a team taking charge when needed.  Beth is a problem solver and researcher.  She listens to other perspectives, asks clarifying questions and organizes a plan to address areas of weakness.  She seeks the latest research and compassionate parenting resources to learn and grow in her relationships with her daughters. Beth values strong family relationships and works to advocate to expand those relationships into the community.  Beth is dedicated and passionate making her the best candidate for judge."


Karen Beavers, M. Ed and RDI
Therapist, Apex, NC

 Beth Tanner Receives North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys' Endorsement for Wake County District Court Judge, District 10F


Beth Tanner states: "As a wife, a mother to two girls, and as the Associate Director of the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission, I am acutely aware of the issues that impact women both in the legal system and otherwise. Some of my best mentors have been women attorneys, judges, and women in other professions who have supported me, raised me up, and taught me how to be a leader. Having the endorsement of the North Carolina Associate of Women Attorneys is incredibly valuable to me because NCAWA values support, encouragement, and mentorship of women attorneys so that women can be leaders throughout our state."


"Thank you to the Muslim American Public Affairs Counsel for your endorsement. I am ready to be fair, impartial, and dedicated as your next District Court Judge."

Muslim American Public Affairs Counsel